Pricing Insight Package

According to McKinsey* research, a 1-percent increase in price can lead to an 8-percent increase in operating profit, provided that sales volume is unchanged. Therefore if you can optimise your prices effectively, you're onto a winner.

If you've made the decision to fine-tune your pricing, it can be a daunting place of knowing where to start. That's where our Pricing Insight Package comes in. This report, which can be bought as a one-off, provides actionable pricing insights, without the need to commit to a full BlackCurve subscription. Simply provide your sales data (and if applicable to your business, your website performance and competitor pricing data too), and we'll do the rest. 


What's Included?

Price Segmentation Analysis

Price Segmentation can be one of the most powerful pricing levers at your disposal. Getting it right allows you to charge different prices to different customers for the same or similar product or service. Our insight package will identify groups of customers and groups of products that have the potential for being segmented. Our report will then indicate how you can positively price discriminate e.g. how some customers may be in a lower pricing segment than they should be, or whether you can use price to give your customers a stronger distinction between good, better, best to avoid any unnecessary cannibalisation of sales.


Price Waterfall Analysis

In today’s B2B selling environment, raising your prices may not be possible. In this instance you can seek out unnecessary pricing leakages that are occurring through the sales cycle, which results in the price that was originally quoted being different from the actual amount of money you receive (also known as pocket price). Our price waterfall analysis will identify unnecessary discounting, so that the leaks can be plugged to improve your profitability.


Pricing Elasticity

Do people buy more when prices drop? How much more do they buy? Do they buy less when prices rise – and how much less? These questions can be answered by evaluating your product's elasticity of demand. Price elasticity of demand measures the responsiveness of demand after a change in a product's price. We will identify your price elasticity at product group and individual SKU level, to highlight opportunity areas for you to increase prices without affecting sales volume.


Bundling Opportunities

Bundling is a fantastic way of increasing your average order value. Psychologically, it is much easier to justify and see the value of buying a group of products, than buying additional items individually. Our analysis will identify products that are commonly sold together in order to support the recommendation of additional products at the point of sale. We will also recommend opportunities to offer a specific bundle of items from the outset.


Price Recommendations

Looking for specific pricing recommendations at an individual SKU level? Using our proprioritory algorithm, we can make recommendations for specific pricing changes you may wish to make to drive profitability without impacting sales.



Fast. It is quick taking less than a week.

Value. It is affordable.

Proven. Based on proven methodology and customer testimonials.

Efficient. Smarter pricing is the most efficient way to improve revenues and profits.

Profitable. What would a minimum of a 2%-4% improvement in profitability mean for your business?


What is required

The following data is required.

  1. Essential - Sales History Last 6-12months.
  2. Optional - Sales History 12 months+, Competitor Pricing and Competitor Product Matching, Website Performance.



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