Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help companies optimise their prices and grow profits.


About BlackCurve

BlackCurve is a price management and price optimisation SaaS company.  The cloud-based software empowers businesses to optimise their prices and increase profits.

The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) product is a quoting system for complex products, pricing and business channels.

This allows companies to setup more advanced pricing rules, model the potential impact of these rules, and analyse the actual performance on an ongoing basis, in order to get to the best price point for all goods and services. 

The close-knit family business is led by Philip Huthwaite, CEO and Founder of BlackCurve. 

Charles Huthwaite is the Technical Director, and has experience across 12 programming languages following a background in technology that has spanned 30 years. He is supported in building BlackCurve by Robert Dexter, the Lead Software Engineer.

The team also includes Moira McCormick, as the Content Marketer. Emmanuel Aremu is company's Digital Marketing Executive.

The word ‘black’ was borrowed from the banking term ‘you’re in the black’ meaning your bank account has a positive cash balance. The word ‘curve’ symbolises how the company’s software will help businesses increase their profitability.

What started out as an idea in September 2015, saw the company join the Accelerator Academy in late 2015. The company was prodded, tweaked and improved, and by March 2016, BlackCurve was created. The company launched in October 2016. 

Pricing is the easiest lever to pull for companies to grow their profit margins. If you're using spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel for your price administration, or are over reliant on cost plus pricing,  BlackCurve is the pricing solution for you.

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