Pricing Consultancy

BlackCurve has a team of Pricing Consultants on hand to support you through your pricing journey. We can support with assessing whether your overall pricing strategy is the best fit for your business, right through to carrying out price modelling and pricing tests, in order to help you identify the optimum price point for your goods and services.


A Price Audit

HELPS YOU Assess the suitability of your pricing strategy

We start by completing interviews and collecting available product and pricing data. This allows us to understand the context and current state of your pricing strategy.

By then applying our own pricing knowledge, and proprietary data modelling, we can assess the suitability and performance of your current pricing strategy, and make recommendations on potential changes for increased revenue and/or profitability.

A typical audit takes up to to 10 days, and identifies both short and long term opportunities for pricing improvements in your business.


Detailed analysis and pricing Changes

Gives you recommendations for price improvements

We complete a detailed analysis of the prices of your won orders against other data available, and an assessment of structural pricing alternatives.

We then complete a review of your current price structure, dimensions & levels, and make recommendations for any structural improvements. A price elasticity testing plan is also delivered to ensure the impact of changes can be monitored.

We deliver typical margin increases of 2-5%, and a testing plan enables the start of repeatable analysis.


Price Tests and Modelling

Supports you with continual price improvement

The outputs of price testing are applied to enable more refined price optimisation, alongside further modelling of data and measured elasticity.

We refine the price setting algorithm by product and other dimensions, and quantify the impact of each price change. 

Further margin increases are provided, and a more targeted pricing solution is set up for ongoing use.