Business Overview

Cleverboxes is a successful ecommerce company that has been operating for over 10 years.  It has built a large product range and continues to deliver quality customer service.

From small origins, Cleverboxes now offers 23,000 plus products and continues to grow from strength to strength.

Cleverboxes' core values have permeated every aspect of the business and have led to the company winning numerous customer service awards.

The challenge

With ecommerce getting more competitive by the minute, Cleverboxes were searching for a pricing solution that adapted to their business needs, offered margin protection and allowed the creation of their own pricing rules to cater to their growing product list

The Solution

Cleverboxes selected the BlackCurve pricing engine and competitor price tracking solution.

The BlackCurve software manages pricing for their 37,000+ products across multiple channels.

The price optimisation activity is managed automatically four times a day, and on average the pricing of 300+ products is changed daily.


Chris Burton, Technical Operations at Cleverboxes, detailed why the company chose BlackCurve as their pricing software solution:

"Cleverboxes advertise across 7 different websites including bespoke websites and marketplaces with 37,000+ products, we needed a solution to constantly manage our pricing to make sure we remained competitive but also ensured our margins are sustainable.

BlackCurve offers a very comprehensive way to build our pricing rules, set update times and also manage promotional pricing for many platforms through one user-friendly and cloud-based dashboard.

The set-up and configuration was supported all the way by the expert team at BlackCurve with regular updates and testing support and made the implementation very smooth."


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