A Dutch and Chinese based drop shipping company, operating through multiple channel brands. Hundreds of thousands of products are sold throughout their sites; everything from handbags and educational toys, all the way through to wearable technology and gaming products.


  • With an inventory that stretches across 100,000+ products, it was impossible to manage price effectively across even one of their channels.

  • An automated price management and optimisation solution was required.

14% increase in Profit

11% increase in unique products sold

The Solution

  • The company selected BlackCurve’s Price Optimisation Tool.

  • Google Shopping Data was chosen for the competitor data source, with exclusions applied for certain market places and vendors.

  • A 3-month pilot was initiated across 6,500 products, and BlackCurve’s A.I. Engine was utilised for fully autonomous price optimisation across these product lines.

  • BlackCurve’s API was used to connect with the drop shipping companies back-end systems.

The Results

  • 22,000 price changes were implemented over a 3-month period.

  • 14% increase in monthly profit over the 3-month period, compared to the previous period.

  • 11% increase in the number of unique products sold month-on-month (250 new products sold).

  • The A.I. Engine targeted low selling products, minimising risk, and maximising gains.

  • Plans to roll-out BlackCurve to their entire product inventory.