The Team

 Philip Huthwaite  (CEO & Founder)

Philip Huthwaite

(CEO & Founder)

 Charles Huthwaite  (Machine Learning & Analytics Director)

Charles Huthwaite

(Machine Learning & Analytics Director)

 Paul Rowley  (Sales Director)

Paul Rowley

(Sales Director)

 Emmanuel Aremu  (Growth Director)

Emmanuel Aremu

(Growth Director)

 Robert Dexter  (Technical Lead)

Robert Dexter

(Technical Lead)

 Patricia Goupillot  (Pricing Consultant)

Patricia Goupillot

(Pricing Consultant)

 Rob Horton  (Data Scientist)

Rob Horton

(Data Scientist)

 Moira McCormick  (Researcher & Pricing Specialist)

Moira McCormick

(Researcher & Pricing Specialist)

 George Rowberry  (Software Engineer)

George Rowberry

(Software Engineer)


Advisory Board

Jane Moore (Global Sales Expert)

Gabriella Petter (Global Marketing Expert)

Nick Kingsbury (Software Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist)