Why BlackCurve?

BLACKCURVE ENABLES COMPANIES to fine-tune their pricing

Our aim is to make your business more profitable. Here are some of the reasons why you might like to consider BlackCurve:


I'm pricing in spreadsheets which is causing errors

BlackCurve provides an online pricing tool that has in-built error checking to ensure you don't unknowingly sell a product or service at the wrong price.


I'm finding it hard or time consuming to ensure everyone has the latest pricing

With BlackCurve, when a pricing change is made active, all applicable users and systems are instantly given visibility of the latest correct prices.


I'm concerned about the security riskS associated with pricing in spreadsheets

BlackCurve is hosted in an ISO Accredited Data Centre with the latest in security protection. In addition, all users are given a password protected profile which can be monitored by an administrator and restricted instantly following, for example, a staff member leaving the business


I'm only making pricing changes a few times a year

BlackCurve is an easy to use tool that enables you to make pricing changes, model the impact, and seek approval for prices with a few clicks.


I'm using cost-plus, mark-up, or discount from list based pricing

BlackCurve enables you to decouple the link between cost and price, and optimise your prices by pricing differently across market, product and customer segments.


I'm winning most of my quotes

BlackCurve finds your price elasticity, assesses areas where you may be able to increase prices without impacting the volume of sales, as well as carrying out price tests before executing them.


My pricing ignores the value my product or service provides

BlackCurve empowers you to move away from cost-plus pricing and price according to the value you provide in the market-place.


I have a discounting culture

BlackCurve gives you the ability to set discount limits, and has an in-built approval workflow for when further discounting may be required to win an order.


Are your customers confused by your pricing?

BlackCurve supports businesses with ensuring their products are priced evenly and there is no cannibalisation in sales of premium goods by cheaper alternatives due to incorrect pricing.


Are you using basic pricing rules?

BlackCurve comes with advanced pricing rules out of the box, with all the calculations handled automatically.


Can you see the impact of your pricing changes or price tests?

BlackCurve allows you to simply set up rules and see the impact of these applied rules in real-time.



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