Powerful benefits for your business

Setup Price Books Effortlessly

BlackCurve puts speed and agility into the pricing process, enabling you to instantly communicate price changes.

Advanced Pricing

Take advantage of new pricing methods to tease out those extra margin improvements.

Optimise Your Entire Product Range

Price every single product at its optimum selling price, not just your key lines.


Reduce Pricing Errors

Spreadsheets are flexible, but prone to error. Get the power of in-built error checking.

Handle Multiple Currencies and Customer Segments

Effortlessly stay on top of currency rules, and apply different pricing strategies dependent on customer to maximise the prices you can achieve.

Multi-Channel Pricing

Apply pricing strategies to each of your channels including multiple websites, market places and physical stores.


The BlackCurve Platform is Managing...


What's your industry?


I'm a manufacturer. My business converts raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods


I'm a distributor or wholesaler. My business acts as an intermediary in the supply chain.


I'm an online and/or physical store retailer. My business sells products directly to consumers.