Price Management & Optimisation

Protect and grow your profitability by using advanced pricing methods

When your business has a lot of pricing exceptions and an ever growing price list, managing prices can easily get out of hand. Instead of spending effort on profit-generating activities, you can find yourself bogged down all day, updating your massive price list and fixing inconsistent pricing errors.

Make mass price changes within seconds and get rid of error-prone processes.



If you do not analyse your pricing, you will never identify areas where you are unnecessarily losing margin.

Analyse your historical quotation data, and find anomalies and pricing trends from a customer, product, and sales staff perspective. Obtain recommendations to increase or decrease specific prices in order to either increase profitability or drive revenues.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Improve your pricing accuracy and quickly create quotes

Your company could be losing a significant amount of profit every year due to errors on a quote, unnoticed margin-cutting practices exercised by the sales force, or the length of time it takes to submit a quote to customers.

Get a framework to effortlessly create quotes within agreed pricing controls, and ensure every quote that is issued is consistent and professionally designed, in keeping with your marketing message.



If your business sells complicated product and service offerings, it can be difficult to ensure all the correct items are included in a quote to meet your customer requirement every-time, or for your sales staff to remember every up-sell or cross-sell opportunity. This can lead to incorrect orders, sunk costs and missed opportunities to increase revenue.

Get support with item selection and recommendations, and ensure your goods and services are priced and quoted correctly.

Pricing solutions for businesses of all sizes

The underlying focus of BlackCurve is to support smarter pricing and profit growth. 

The Price Management capability makes applying advanced pricing methods globally, nationally, locally, and in multiple currencies easy. It gives you the confidence that with the click of a button, your employees, customers, and integrated systems have access to the latest pricing information. You'll even have more time on your hands to focus on pricing strategy through the automated rules engine.

For a slicker quotation process, look no further than the Quote Management capability. This functionality allows you to create professionally designed quotes fast, with the confidence that the correct pricing rules are applied every-time. When you do wish to apply pricing exceptions to your quote, the sophisticated authorisation workflow gives you full traceability of internally approved or rejected quotes with rationale.

Support value based selling with the Product Configuration capability. Also know as CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote, this module gives your sales staff the tools to see not only the complete stack of good, better, best options, but also any cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

This will grow your average deal size, and typically moves sales discussions away from focusing on what discount you can give, thus protecting your margin. Furthermore, if you're selling complex products and services, CPQ will take the strain and ensure the correct combination of items are always quoted. This avoids the potential of incurring additional costs because you may have shipped the wrong goods or missed items off an order. All of which leads to unhappy customers.

Pricing is a powerful leaver to profitability. BlackCurve's Price Optimisation capability gives you the toolkit to interrogate the success of your pricing strategy so that you can quickly identify areas of margin leakage and plug the gaps with suggestive pricing to improve margins and revenue. This solution can be used as a standalone module, or directly integrated with our other solutions.

Pricing is a journey. Take the next step with BlackCurve.