Companies using BlackCurve Pricing SolutionS


"BlackCurve offers a very comprehensive way to build our pricing rules, the product is user-friendly and expert team at BlackCurve with regular updates and testing support which made the implementation very smooth."

Chris Burton, Technical Operations, Cleverboxes


"BlackCurve offers a solid solution. Unmatched in their sector, we've already seen results from using BlackCurve, and recommend it highly to other companies."

Michael Richmond, Ecommerce Development Manager, Electrical World


"Taken all the headache away from learning excel and managing complex formulas. The software generates pricing data customised to our requirements."

Eddy Ashworth, Managing Director, Textile Technologies Europe


"I was delighted to find someone who understood our issues and had developed pricing tools to help similar companies. The Dynamic Pricing System has now been in operation for over 12 months, and during this time we have seen a significant increase in achieved margins."

David Serif, Director, Whitecroft Lighting


"The interface offers a seamless experience for our pricing managers generating efficiencies and process improvements. The team are a pleasure to work with."

Dr Mark Bloomfield, Director of Revenue Management, Global Media & Entertainment

Case Studies

Read more about our customers and why they chose BlackCurve is a leading online bathroom retailer. They were looking for a smarter way to manage and optimise there pricing.


Merck is a leading healthcare, life science and performance materials company. They were looking for an easier way to manage their pricing governance structure.


Hoppa is a specialist in providing airport transfers. They were looking for a dynamic pricing engine to drive margin improvement.


Silmid is a specialist distributor of silicones, sealants, adhesives, lubricants and cleaning agents for sectors including Aerospace and Automotive. They were looking for a pricing tool that enabled them to manage a more flexible pricing structure.


Electrical World is an independent electrical appliance retailer. They were looking for a pricing solution that enabled them to easily manage mass re-pricing, and remain competitive.