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Business Overview

Electrical World, a Northern Ireland based company started from humble beginnings and has quickly risen to be a leading independent electrical appliance retailer of CCTV, heaters, fans, lighting, lamps and wiring accessories.

Electrical World was founded by John Coalter, an experienced electrician who began his career as a businessman at the age of 20, when he launched his first electrical contract company.

Today, Electrical World ships 1,000+ of products to over 50 territories across the world.

Operating in a competitive online marketplace, Electrical World was looking for a pricing solution that filled their core requirements and made their prices attractive to potential customers.

The challenge

Electrical World were collecting competitor pricing data manually. By the time they had collated the information centrally, the data was often out of date.

Electrical World were managing their pricing on spreadsheets. It was therefore difficult to update pricing on their website, let alone their other channels such as Amazon and Ebay.

A spreadsheet based pricing model was prone to human error.

The Solution

Electrical World selected the BlackCurve pricing engine and competitor price tracking solution.

BlackCurve provides competitor pricing information.

Electrical World can use BlackCurve to setup dynamic pricing rules to make adjustments to their pricing against their competitors, alongside various pricing safeguards and price optimisation rules.

Where a price change is required, all Electrical World Channels are updated automatically, meaning that all their channels are in sync.


Here’s what Michael Richmond, E-Commerce Development Manager at Electrical World, had to say about selecting BlackCurve:

"As a fast-growing online company, we needed a flexible and efficient pricing solution to stay ahead of the competition.

BlackCurve offers a solid solution on our terms, and allows us to get the edge across all our working platforms without worrying about losing out thanks to the variables we can set in place.

Unmatched in their sector, we've already seen results from using BlackCurve & recommend it highly to other companies who want to stay on top of their bulk pricing."


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