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Improve Your Competitiveness

Everyday, BlackCurve monitors, collects, and matches prices for millions of products. No website is too complex for BlackCurve's powerful competitor price collection and matching technology.

Competitor Price Tracking Options

Standard Websites

BlackCurve's competitor scraping and matching technology collects prices from your competitor's website, and matches to a high accuracy rating against your own product portfolio.


Complex Websites

On certain websites, in order to identify a price, form filling or specific selections are required by the website user before a price is displayed.

BlackCurve's dynamic extraction engine can collect data based on conditional options and data entry, for example form filling, selecting drop-down options, and ticking boxes.


Online Marketplaces

BlackCurve extracts competitor pricing from many online marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Amazon Marketplace, and eBay, to name a few.


Competitor price
tracking benefits


Uncover Your Competitors Pricing Strategy

Gain visibility of how frequently competitors are changing prices, what prices are most commonly changed, and whether they themselves are a follower, leader, or ignoring the competition entirely.


Saves Time

Manually collecting prices is a laborious and time-consuming process. BlackCurve automates the data collection, so you can focus on your competitor strategy.


Be Competitive

Repeatable and frequent data collection, means you are kept up to date with competitor price movements, and can decide if you wish to react without delay.


Automated Decisions

Data can be fed directly into the BlackCurve solution, so you can automate your competitor pricing strategy, on top of a wider array of price optimisation rules.


Clever Collection

BlackCurve deploys a number of counter measures to avoid being detected and identified by competitors.


Clever Matching

BlackCurve matches off a multitude of data points, such as Product ID, Picture Filename, Product Name, Description, Product Attributes, and so forth.

BlackCurve Products

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