Accelerate Business Growth with BlackCurve

BlackCurve’s dynamic pricing technology takes advantage of industry leading data science and mathematics to help you price everything you sell at its optimum selling price. Optimal pricing means increased sales and higher profits.

Channels and online marketplaces are continually changing. BlackCurve enables you to change prices at any time to adapt and thrive.

Dynamic Pricing Engine Benefits


Find the right and optimal price

BlackCurve’s price analytics module will help you assess what prices and pricing rules are working, and what pricing rules need improvement. 


Dynamic Pricing

Automatically run your pricing rules at any chosen frequency, whether it’s in real time, or at set intervals during the day, night, week or month.

advanced prcing.png

Advanced Pricing Rules

Price based on elasticity of demand, website performance, stock levels and much more.

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Reduce Pricing Errors

Spreadsheets are flexible, but prone to error. Get the power of in-built error checking.

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Handle Multiple Currencies

BlackCurve allows you to effortlessly stay on top of your currency rules.


Scenario Modelling

Test out different pricing strategies and the impact on your business before putting them into action.


Price Securely

BlackCurve is hosted in an ISO Accredited Data Centre with the latest in security protection, and all users are given a password protected profile that can be monitored and restricted instantly.


Saves Time

By automating your price calculations you’ll free your team from hours of manual spreadsheet based pricing every week.

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Optimise Your Entire Product Range

Price every single product or service at its optimum selling price, not just your top performers.


Price Exceptions

An easy to use workflow to setup pricing promotions, pricing exceptions, or manage price tests.


Multi-Channel Pricing

A simple approach to managing prices across multiple websites, market places and physical stores.


BlackCurve Products


Find out how your pricing strategy is performing, and unearth opportunities
to improve it. Learn more

Competitor Price Tracking

Get an insight into your competitor’s products and prices, and know when they make a pricing change. Learn more

Integration Layer

Flexible data connections with all your systems, in real-time or at scheduled intervals via our Application Programming Interface (API). Learn more


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