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BlackCurve is suited for

Businesses that sell high quantities of products or services. 

Companies who publicly publish their prices, whether it be online, on marketplaces, or on the high street.

Our pricing software helps industry leading retailers, and holiday and travel companies to realise their full profit potential through smarter pricing. 


World beating pricing software

To be a leading figure in your industry, dynamic pricing or pricing automation is essential. Amazon changes upwards of 2.5 million prices daily. You may not sell the same volume, but your pricing is still crucial. 

Companies that use BlackCurve pricing products typically seeing 5-20% profit margin gains.

The benefits of BlackCurve


Find the ‘right’ and ‘optimal’ price

BlackCurve’s price analytics module will help you assess what prices and pricing rules are working, and what pricing rules need improvement.

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Advanced Pricing Rules

Price based on elasticity of demand, website performance, stock levels and much more.

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Optimise Your Entire Product Range

Price every single product or service at its optimum selling price, not just your top performers.


Dynamic Pricing

Automatically run your pricing rules at any chosen frequency, whether it’s in real time, or at set intervals during the day, night, week or month.


Competitor Intelligence

A powerful data collection service to give you visibility of competitor prices.


Scenario Modelling

Test out different pricing strategies and the impact on your business before putting them into action.


Price Exceptions

An easy to use workflow to setup pricing promotions, pricing exceptions, or manage price tests.

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Reduce Pricing Errors

Spreadsheets are flexible, but prone to error. Get the power of in-built error checking.


Price Securely

BlackCurve is hosted in an ISO Accredited Data Centre with the latest in security protection, and all users are given a password protected profile that can be monitored and restricted instantly.


Multi-Channel Pricing

A simple approach to managing prices across multiple websites, market places and physical stores.

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Handle Multiple Currencies

BlackCurve allows you to effortlessly stay on top of your currency rules.


Saves Time

By Automating your price calculations you’ll free your team from hours of manual spreadsheet based pricing every week.

Next Generation Analytics

Smart Pricing Recommendations

We help you to identify opportunities to increase price or decrease price in order to drive future profitability.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Say good-bye to ‘black-box’ thinking. We believe in full transparency, and BlackCurve’s artificial intelligence provides complete visibility of why pricing decisions are being made in easy to understand language.

We will help you FOcus on the competitor prices that matter

It’s important to stay competitive, but more important to stay competitive on the products that contribute most to your revenue, especially if you’re priced considerably lower.

We will help you identify when to ignore your competitors’ pricing

Having your pricing strategy based solely on competitor pricing typically leads to a race to the bottom which benefits no one.

We help you build additional rules into your pricing strategy, such as changing price based on your sales history, or using website performance data to give you an additional edge.

We will help you price your entire product range

A lack of tools, such as an over reliance on spreadsheet based pricing, typically leads towards a natural focus on your key selling lines. BlackCurve's price automation enables you to setup clever pricing rules for all your products.

We will help you avoid a ‘race to the bottom’

We typically see an overlap of 30% of products being sold on both your sites and your competitors' sites.

Meaning that if your pricing strategy relies solely on competitor data, you and your competitors’ will reprice off each other which leads to a ‘race to the bottom’ where no one wins.

Don’t constantly change your lowest priced goods, the goods that contribute the least to your revenue, or always move pricing in line with your competitors.

If you are benchmarking against competitors make sure you change the prices for the products that matter.

Fully integrated with your favourite systems

Flexible data connections with all your systems, in real-time or at scheduled intervals via our API. Learn more

Use Cases

BlackCurve Use Cases
BlackCurve Use Cases

Holidays & Travel

Whether you’re selling hotels, parking, ferry trips, flights, airport transfers and everything in between, BlackCurve is the perfect dynamic pricing engine.  Explore the benefits.


Whether you sell your products online, on marketplaces, or in a physical store, BlackCurve is the perfect fit to ensure you’re pricing correctly in order to support business growth. Explore the benefits.

Heroes already using BlackCurve


"BlackCurve offers a very comprehensive way to build our pricing rules. The product is user-friendly and the expert team at BlackCurve provided regular updates and testing support which made the implementation very smooth."

Chris Burton. Technical Operations. Cleverboxes.


"BlackCurve offers a solid solution. Unmatched in their sector, we've already seen results from using BlackCurve, and recommend it highly to other companies."

Michael Richmond. Ecommerce Development Manager. Electrical World.

BlackCurve Products


Find out how your pricing strategy is performing, and unearth opportunities to improve it. Learn more


Get an insight into your competitor’s products and prices, and know when they make a pricing change. Learn more

Pricing Engine

Automatically optimise the prices for everything you sell and see your profits soar. Learn more



Flexible data connections with all your systems, in real-time or at scheduled intervals via our Application Programming Interface (API). Learn more


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